Review: Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil

Philip B Rejuvenating Oil

Goodbye, dry itchy scalp! Those of you who have been reading this blog for awhile know that I have an issue with a very dry scalp. I’ve tried all kinds of remedies, and although Paul Mitchell’s tea tree shampoo worked at first, I still have problems.

I think part of the issue with this itchy scalp was due to using cheap shampoos and conditioners in the past. As part of my focus on using more natural products for my hair, I started using Philip B’s Rejuvenating Oil on my scalp and hair this past month.  So far it’s been working for me!

You can use Philip B’s oil on both your scalp and your hair, but I’ve been using it mainly on my scalp. However, if I use it on my hair, I just have to shampoo my hair and I don’t really need conditioner.  You simply apply it directly to your scalp.

What I really like about this rejuvenating oil is the smell. Mmmmm! It has a sweet smell of Ylang Ylang and Gardenia. Other yummy ingredients include olive, almond, walnut, peanut, sesame and jojoba oils.

Philip B’s Rejuvenating Oil is highly recommended for those of you who style your hair everyday with flat irons and blow dryers…or if you have a super dry scalp like me!

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If you do have the patience and prefer an all-natural remedy for itchy, dry scalp, you may want to check out the video below that shows you how to create your own remedy from scratch

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