30 Day Hairstyle Challenge – Part One

I often hear women complain about how they “don’t have time” to do their hair in the morning. I’ll admit that I used to be one of those women. As many of you know, I tend to hide my hair underneath hats and bandanas…or I settle for a simple ponytail.

As I said last week, I am going to challenge myself to do a different hairstyle each day for the next few weeks. Actually, I’ve extended it to a 30-day challenge which I started just yesterday.

I started off the challenge with a very simple ponytail with a twist: a small side braid… Total time to do my hair:  5 minutes!  Ok, so I didn’t deviate much from my regular ponytail, but it’s something different, right?

I really love the ponytail holders that Goody let me sample.  They don’t put any stress on my hair. 

Today’s hairstyle took less than 10 minutes and I only needed three tools:

1)  Tresemme Hairspray (Bought at Target for around $3.50)
2)  Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Curling Iron (Bought at a beauty supply store in San Francisco for $65)
3)  Goody Colour Collection Hairclips (Sample from Goody)

First, I lightly sprayed my hair with the hairspray to add a little texture to my hair. Next, I curled my hair with the iron and brushed out the curls with my fingers to create waves. Last, I created a side part and held it in place with two hairclips. Voila! A cute spring hairstyle 😉

Who says that you have to spend an hour to create a cute hairstyle? 

Do you have a 10 minute or less hairstyle to share?  I’ve created a Flickr group called the “30 Day Hairstyle Challenge” where you can take the challenge and post pictures of your hairstyles to the group.

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