Thandie Newton: Natural Beauty Icon

It’s a rare thing for me to talk about celebrities on this blog because they already get so much attention from other media outlets. However, once in awhile I like to feature a celebrity or two because to me, they epitomize what it means to be a natural beauty…to be unique and special. Thandie Newton is one such startlet.

Thandie Newton isn’t just a talented actress, she’s also a natural beauty and style icon. She wears just enough makeup to enhance her natural beauty and always looks stunning on the red carpet.

Recently Thandie did a photo shoot for Martini, a company who’s motto I like: “Stay Beautiful”. Below is a video with a behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot…

If there’s just one takeaway that you get from the video, it’s to “Be good to yourself!”

What can you do today to be good to yourself? Maybe it’s taking the day off to just relax and curl up with a good book (that’s what I love to do!)…or spending more time with friends and family than with your work 😉

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