Mineral Makeup Review: Raw Minerals Discovery Kit

Raw Minerals Makeup

For those of you who are tired of using liquid makeup and are seeking a more natural look, there are many mineral makeup products on the market now that offer a way to give you that natural look while keeping your face healthy. One such brand of makeup is Raw Minerals. I received a sample of the Raw Minerals Discovery Kit and have been using it for the past several months.

The Raw Minerals Discovery Kit consists of 2 mineral foundations, mineral glow, active veil SPF 18, maximum coverage foundation brush, concealer brush, and a multi-tasking retractable brush. The reason they give you two mineral foundations, one light and one dark, is so that you can blend them to match your skin tone. I did not know that a woman’s skin tone changes with the seasons, so having these two colors helps get the perfect foundation color for your face.

The foundation brush really works to give you maximum coverage – and a little goes a long way. I start off by pouring some of the mineral foundation into the cover of the jar. I dip the brush into the cover and then tap the edge of the cover to get any excess off. Using a circular motion I cover my entire face with the foundation.

After applying the mineral foundation, I put on the active veil to protect my skin from the sun. The active veil also brightens up my face. I finish off my face with the mineral glow. I use the retractable brush to apply the mineral glow and it gives my face that sun-kissed look.

Mineral makeup can get a bit messy, but with a little practice it’s easy to apply. One thing I did notice with Raw Minerals is that I sometimes inhale some of the dust, so I’ve learned to tap the brush away from my face before applying the makeup.

Over the past couple years I have tried several different brands of mineral makeup, but I noticed that my complexion looks so much healthier using Raw Minerals. It really does make your skin look very silky. Even my best friend noticed a difference in my complexion. I gave her a little to try out and she says that she loves it.

What I like about Raw Minerals is that they’re passionate about creating beauty products which consist of ingredients that are grown using holistic ecological practices. All of their ingredients and packaging are 100% biodegradable and are sourced from providers who practice sustainable agriculture.

All Raw Minerals makeup are free of parabens, petrochemicals, and synthetic preservatives. They are also don’t contain artificial colorants and artificial fragrances.

What has been your experience with mineral makeup? Share your thoughts via comments!

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