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Maria Palma

I’m probably the last person you should ask when it comes to getting hair tips. Most days I just don’t really have the patience to do my hair. It’s not like I have long hair anymore, I’m just plain lazy. If I could, I’d wear my hair in a ponytail or cover it with a hat everyday! My favorite thing to wear is this silk scarf pictured here. It gives me that “boho” look – especially when I wear my big, gold hoops with it.

So, instead of sharing any personal hair tips with you, I thought I’d share links to other sites:

Salon Experience Blog – This blog has tons of helpful hair tips including choosing the right hair color and winter hair care. You can also shop Salon Experience’s store for various of hair care products.

Pursebuzz’s Hair Tutorials on YouTube – Elessa Vavon has grown into a celebrity in the online beauty world with her MAC makeup reviews and easy-to-follow hair styling videos on YouTube.

101 Hairstyle Tutorials – I love Karen’s compilation of links and pictures for do-it-yourself hairstyles.

Do you have any hair care tips or hairstyle tutorials to share?

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