Hair Styling Tools I Love: BrushLab Brushes

Hair care isn’t just about using the right shampoo or styling products…

Taking good care of your hair also includes using the right hair styling tools…

BrushLab sent me a few brushes to review, and I’ll admit that I never really knew the value of a good hairbrush until I started using their brushes.

My favorite out of all the brushes is the blue paddle brush with boar bristles.

Paddle Hairbrush

This brush is so soothing to my scalp! Those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile know that I have a dry, itchy scalp, so when I brush my hair with this paddle brush, it feels like a massage on my scalp. Not to mention that it makes my hair feel very soft. It also has a ergonomically designed non-slip grip.

Ceramic Flow Round HairbrushI also like the ceramic flow tri-handle round brush. I kept the medium-sized purple round brush and gave the large round brush to my friend.

What I love about this round brush is that my hair doesn’t get all tangled in it as I’m styling my hair. My friend loves it because it doesn’t frizz out her thin hair. After blow-drying and styling her hair with the round brush, she doesn’t even have to go back through with a flat iron to touch up her hair.

BrushLab brushes are available at Walgreens, Ulta, and

What are your favorite hair styling tools?

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