Guest Post: Ebonni Bryant Shares Favorite Beauty Products and Thoughts on Beauty

This is a guest post from Ebonni of belles and bulls…She shares her favorite beauty products and some thoughts on inner beauty!

I purchased Bare Minerals a few weeks ago from Sephora. A dear friend, Diane, thought it gave her skin a smooth finish. Many beauty products advertise their use of minerals. I was curious, and bought into the new, fun makeup and applied it to my face the next morning. It did, in fact, give me a smooth look! I am a girl after all, so how fun is it to get your counter dirty while playing in makeup!

I must say, I’ve only used it three times since then. Besides Bare Escentuals, I like I enjoy dark purple lip by Maybelline and I love liner by L’Oreal once in a while. I’ll use it again and I get the difference a mineral makes, but what about the beauty within? What would it take for you to leave the house without any makeup on? There is no wrong in “putting on your face” in the morning or applying mascara for a dinner for one at your local bistro or blush for a movie with your lover, but what if what gave you that glow was the you you see at 7am? This is not a feminist outburst. I am a believer in living the life you feel best, but push yourself to see the you that others see. The you that is beautiful because you shared a laugh. The you that is stunning because that run this morning gave you a glow. That you that gives you a pep in your step because you got all you could out of yoga yesterday. Let’s try, if only for the day, to embrace the fresh face we came here with.

MAYBELLINE: Moisture Extreme Lipcolor.  REAL RASIN is the color I chose…


…also, these lotions are my favorite for moisturizing!

Everyday Shea:

Alaffia Body Cream:

Alaffia Shea Butter Body Cream


Remember to enjoy you!

With fun & passion,
Ebonni N. Bryant
belles & bulls

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