YSL Parisienne Review: Part Sweet, Part Chic

YSL Parisienne

When it comes to perfumes and fragrances, I believe I’ve mentioned before that I prefer those that smell sweet and fruity. However, I must say that I’ve become more open to trying new scents as I realize that there are floral perfumes that are subtle and not overpowering – especially if those floral scents are combined with sweet scents.

Take, for instance, YSL’s new scent, Parisienne. Be transported to the city of love and haute couture with this eau de parfume that oozes of romance and chic sophistication. Very feminine….Ultra sensual….

Check out the commercial for Parisienne featuring Kate Moss…

I was drawn to Parisienne because of the top notes of blackberry and cranberry. Add in the damask rose, violet, peony, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood and musk and you have an interesting mix.

By no means am I a perfume expert, but I haven’t smelled anything like this in quite awhile. It definitely adds new meaning to sweet and floral. I love that after it dries on the skin, you’re left with just a hint of the scent and you don’t smell like you slept in a bed of roses. It’s a tad bit musky which reminds me of Opium, my mom’s favorite classic.

Have you tried out YSL’s Parisienne? What do you think?

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