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Tackle Winter Germs with Style

Brrr…the winter season is here and for the past week I’ve been stuck in bed or on the coach nursing myself back to health. I thought my immune system was pretty good because I have been working out regularly and taking vitamins, but…

I think I should have been a little more careful with all the germs and viruses floating around. I have always carried around a little bottle of Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial gel, but it doesn’t help much when you don’t use it!!!

And speaking of Bath and Body Works…the company recently teamed up with Lesportsac for a promo. From now until December 24th, stop by LeSportsac stores or log on to to snag a bag plus a PocketBac waterless hand gel and a bounceback card good toward your next Bath & Body Works purchase.

My only LeSportsac bag is this laptop bag I got a couple years ago. I take it whenever I travel and I love all the different pockets it has. I carry my little netbook in it now, but I used to carry my regular-sized laptop and it has held up really well. I’ve spilled coffee on it and have walked in the rain with it and it still looks fabulous 😉

On a healthy note, I came across this article that shares tips on how to strengthen your immune system and stop getting sick.

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