Flat Iron Review: Hana Professional

Hana Flat Iron Professional

If there’s one beauty tool that you should invest in, it’s a good, quality flat iron or curling iron. In the past I’ve made the mistake of buying a cheap-o flat iron and ended up really drying out my hair.

The Hana Professional flat iron is one that I’m currently using. It’s a professional grade flat iron that makes me think that I’ll never, ever go back to those regular cheap-o flat irons!

Hana uses ceramic plates for all their flat irons – which means frizz-free, shiny hair. The “Professional” model that I have comes with it’s own carrying pouch for easy storage. It also comes in a tin case and has its own rubber mat so you can lay the iron down on.

What I like about this flat iron is that it’s much lighter than the H2Pro flat iron that I reviewed last year. It’s much easier to travel with because it is lighter. The Hana iron also glides down my hair very smoothly, plus I don’t have to go over the same spot over and over.

Hana Flat Iron SettingsThe heat for Hana Professional is adjustable and ranges from 140 to 450 degrees. For my thick, course hair 450 degrees works perfectly.

Hana also offers an iron cleaner to get rid of build-up from hair styling products. I normally don’t put any products on my hair, so I’ve yet to use this – although I do have it.

If you really love your hair, then it’s time to make that investment. Your hair will love you back 😉

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