Celebrate Lippmann Collection’s 10th Anniversary!

Lippmann Collection 10th Anniversary
Nail polish to me is like paint to artists. I LOVE to paint my nails.

You may have read my past posts raving about the Lippmann Collection nail polishes. Well, this month the company is celebrating its 10th anniversary. To kick off the month, they are giving away a $50 gift certificate to every 10th customer who makes a purchase at www.lippmanncollection.com.

This special offer is only good TODAY, September 1st, so make sure to check it out!

Deborah Lippmann created a limited-edition collection of glitz and glamour shades to commemorate this special occasion. They’re the perfect colors to start off the fall season…my favorite time of the year, by the way. The colors include:

  • Superstar: Show-stopping copper flecked fudge
  • Funky Chunky: Sequined sheer black
  • Ruby Red Slippers: Dorothy’s shimmering ruby (A Lady Gaga favorite)

I’m excited to try out “Superstar”! I’ll make sure to post my review of the collection soon…

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