New Fashion Philosophy: Life Is Too Short to Settle For Clothing You Don’t Love

My Fashion Philosophy

As I get older I’m beginning to notice that I have a more “refined” (read: expensive) taste in clothing. My outlook on clothing purchases used to be, Well, why would I want to spend $200 on a dress when I can buy 2 pairs of shoes and a dress at H&M for the same amount of money?

I used to shop looking for bargains – and I still love to do this…but I now realize that the $5 shirt I bought only gets worn 3 or 4 times before it gets ditched into the back of the closet because it somehow got messed up in the wash or the stitching came undone.

I’ve even made the mistake of buying a pair of shorts just because they were on sale. Guess what? I still have yet to wear those shorts.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that I’m no longer going to buy clothing just because it’s on sale. Life is too short to settle for clothing that I simply just “like” versus buying something that I absolutely love – even though the item that I love may cost twice the amount of the bargain item.

I would much rather spend $350 on a fall coat that is timeless and can be worn for five years or so than to spend $100 every year for a new jacket that goes out of style in six months.

That’s not to say that women who do spend $100 every fall season for a new jacket is wrong. Every woman is different with different fashion philosophies. I’m just saying what works for me.

It seems that I’m not the only one who has this same philosophy. Here’s Kristin Koch’s fashion mantra.

What’s your fashion or shopping philosophy?

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