Share Your Beauty Tips and Win $250 Worth of Beauty Goodies

What I love about technology nowadays is that anybody can be a star. If you have a blog and a digital or video camera, you can share your beauty or fashion knowledge and expertise without having to work at a fashion magazine.

There are tons of ways you can share your beauty tips. One place to check out is ELLE’s new online community for makeup artists – both amateur and professional. Share your videos and each week you have a chance to win $250 worth of beauty goodies!

Bonus: Video Star favorites will get their faces and tips in the pages of ELLE magazine, with the most popular personality of the year winning $3000 in products!

For more information, visit:

I’m thinking of starting a series of beauty and fashion videos…once I can get over my shyness 😉 If you have any topics you’d like for me to cover, let me know! Email me at: maria [at] beautyiswithin [dot] net.

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